Why choose seasonal rental?

A seasonal rental is governed by a rental contract for a given property for a fixed term (maximum 90 days). It is publicly negotiated for the amount of rent as well as for the duration. Discover : https://www.french-riviera-property.com/ . The requirements, a description of the premises and the position in the area must also be mentioned in the arrangement. There are different types of seasonal leases: furnished tourist accommodation, second and main residences that can also be rented.

Choosing the right property

As long as your seasonal property is properly located (popular geographic area) and you also demonstrate the dynamic direction of your lease, by optimizing your visibility resources (offices, free and paid websites, blogs, owner networks and word of mouth), you get a high probability of having the ability to create your profitable investment. While the occupancy rate decreases at certain important times of the year, it is offset by high seasonal rents, averaging about $500 per week for a small apartment (studio or two-room apartment of 15 to 30 m2). After negotiating your mortgage with your rental investment, be sure to bring a document containing sustainability simulations to the financing institution or your privilege. If you don't have a personal donation,

Buy a house near the beach

The purchase of a house or apartment at the beach is a dream for most people... and can represent an interesting rental investment. The first thing to understand: an investment is seasonal. It will cover a lot during the summer, but yields could drop in the fall and winter... a seasonal feature that can be offset by an investment in a guaranteed rental property. To limit the vacancy rate (i.e. the time during which the house or apartment is not rented), the ideal is to target highly tourist regions, such as the French Riviera, the Atlantic coast or the Normandy coast. It is much preferable to focus on agglomerations of a certain size once the region has been chosen. Discover more informations about Apartment for sale French Riviera. by contacting Lafage Transactions. Selection criteria: proximity to the shoreline. It is a little more pleasant to be able to reach the sea than having to travel by car for holidaymakers looking for a rental.

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